Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Well hello, it has been quite some time since I have written anything on my blog.
So here we are in 2010..crazy but true. The world hasn't been sucked into a vortex or blown to pieces so I would consider that to be a good thing.
Here is a brief update to date on what has been going on in my life for the past year.
Firstly, curling. I played competitively with a new team this past season. We had some success that took us to the Manitoba Provincials in Morden Manitoba. Great group of girls and although we didn't fare so well during the round robin, it was indeed a wonderful experience and an honour to be a part of. One of the girls who I'd played with from the year before was our fifth-man and joined us. Ainsley Champagne..what a wonderful girl and a joy to play with. She's become one of my very best friends and I'm so pleased to have her in my life.
During the summer of last year I did some golfing with my folks and also some tube floating down the channel. Another curling friend who recently moved to Pinawa joined us on these floats and the yearly events of the town and has also become one of my very best of friends. Leslie Wilson who was also at the same provincial as me went on to win it and represent Manitoba at the Scott Tournament of Hearts. I was so excited for her. Team Manitoba got to the quarter finals of the Scotties and she received top honors as the All star 2nd of the tournament. Very impressive for her first time at the big show.
Leslie and I have been nicknamed in town as 'The Lesle/ie's'. When there is an event or a get together you can hear people talking as we approach, 'Oh, come the Lesle/ie's'. We're not trouble by any means, but rather we like to have a good time. We have a great time together and I look forward to spending more time together with her this summer.
I didn't do any traveling this past year, but hope to do some in the fall before curling starts. As you know curling occupies my time and any vacation time I have from work.
I've taken up co-ed soccer this year. I'm really excited about it, so far so good. I didn't realize how much I missed it to be honest. Although my brain wanted to start back up where I left off two years ago, my body has been in for the shock of its life. lol. It has been tough but I am getting back up to par in regards to conditioning and agility. Again, slowly but surely. So I travel into the city once a week to attend these games. Yes it's a hick and those 10pm games really suck because I don't get back until 1am, but I live the game and love to is a sacrifice, but it makes me happy.
I currently live in an apartment with my furry friend Ribit...she's my cat and I love her to death. As of November of '09 I now have to furry friends rooming with me. Mouse was a stray cat that had been hanging around the apartment building since I moved here. Cute little thing and it broke my heart to see her outside in another cold Winnipeg winter. I had been befriending her since I moved in and she would frequently come by my window for a visit. Ribit was hostile which I guess was expected, but all Mouse wanted was to befriend her also. I brought her into my apartment one day in November when it was very cold outside. I gave her some food and as per usual had to keep a very close eye on her and Ribit, as Ribit would attack her if she got the opportunity. I was surprised when Ribit seemed content and relaxed with her being there. This particular day Mouse did not want to go back outside. I made up a little bed for her on the window sill as Ribit had established that to be her limit of roaming area..and went to bed. I thought there might be some noise etc and a fight, but nothing. When I checked on them in the morning mouse was still on the window sill and Ribit asleep on the couch.
Long and short of it is now Mouse and Ribit co-exist together with me in my apartment. They get a long sometimes, but they have come to blows a couple of times. Regardless I am fascinated at these little animals. I consider myself to be a dog person, and would never have given it a thought to take in a cat as a pet. I thought they smelled and I couldn't stand the cat litter idea and mess that goes along with it. Boy was I wrong! They are independant and in fact are very clean. Ribit does get some separation anxiety from time to time and will 'demonstrate' this on occasion, but as long as she's got food and gets a cuddle she is fine. Mouse is an absolute delight. She's sooo happy and it is so obvious. She has no desire to be outside.
People I work with are always laughing at me because I always have a story to tell about the girls. They have there own meows and ways of communicating with me, and yes..I can talk to them as well. lol. I'm not crazy and any people who own animals can side with me and understand what I'm talking about.

Mouse hanging out on the window sill and Ribit lounging in the lazy girls. :)

I probably won't be updating every day, but I will do my best to drop a note here and there with news. Thanks for the visit!