Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 The Camino De Santiago

Well here we are September 30, 2010, and as I type this my dad is 'Yames' is sitting on his patio in San Sebastian Spain enjoying the view and 30 degree weather.
Dad flew out to Paris on Monday afternoon. This will be his 4th Camino at the youthful age of 76.
The day before he left, I was uploading some music for him to his Ipod Nano in hopes to help inspire and motivate him while on his walk. He's got his own selection such as Frank Sinatra, Simon and Garfunkel, and even some Lily Allen. I've added to his collection some acoustics of The Corrs, The Pogues, and even some Proclaimers. He is walking 500 miles after all. :) He had me examine his backpack once he'd had everything packed, and I was shocked at the weight of it. 22 lbs. By the time I helped removed some of the weight for him it was down to 20 lbs. That was still heavy. I had some concerns about him having to carry that amount of weight. Even though he is now the Bionic man and sporting two new hips, it was a lot to ask one person to carry.
I'm glad to report that he has lightened his load after a brief walk today and plans on making a 16 km dent tomorrow from Sans Sebastien on route to Bilbao.
Updates will continue and I will add stories and experiences that he shares with me along the way. God speed and safe journey hero and inspiration. I love you.