Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Bionic MAN

So here I am dedicating this blog to my dad and yet I haven't written all that much about him. Out of respect for him and his privacy I will keep it somewhat limited in detail but will discuss how he's been doing since I've moved back.
Just recently ( few weeks ago now) he under went surgery for his second hip replacement. That's right, he is now the Bionic man. I wasn't there when he had the first one done, but if you have ever been in a situation where you could witness the before and after picture it is something very close to a miracle. My dad had his surgery on a Friday afternoon and was up and moving around/walking two days after. The pain washed away from his face and a new found energy and excitement. Absolutely amazing. He is now motoring around like a bat out of hell, or a brand new Porche!! Absolutely remarkable and it's definitely something to see. I am so proud of him.
His recovery is most definitely slower than his first hip replacement which was over a year ago now, due to his first dose of Chemo before Christmas. He is battling bone cancer and this was the next step in trying to slow the spreading down. Unfortunately as a result/side affect of his first dose of Chemo he was plagued with Shingles. It was a very long and weary recovery. He described it as not knowing how to ever get out of the bottom of the hole. There is no doubt that recovering from the Shingles was the toughest fight mentally and physically for him.
I am very a happy to report that he's getting stronger and maintaining his sense of humour and relentless positive attitude towards his recovery.
My hero!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melia Cayo Guillermo - Cuba

Holla Amigos!!
My apologies for the delay in an update. I usually would entertain myself on my breaks at work by updating my blog then, but they've done a lot of site blocking as of recently and I am not longer able to do it there. Makes sense, I probably shouldn't have been doing it there to begin with.
Anyway Cuba was a wonderful experience and exactly what I needed on so many levels. My curling season had gone down the pooper, and I started feeling very trapped in my current location, work, and personal life.

Melissa and James had a wonderful wedding day surrounded by there friends and family. What a spectacular effort that everyone made by being there and a memorable one at that.

I made some wonderful new friends and have plenty of memories to keep with me forever.
Memories such as instigating a moonlight dip in the ocean (clothing optional...lol) at 2 am, helping out Melissa's cousin Rayna when she had a reaction to coral that had scrapped her legs and blessed with a wonderful new friendship with her, Fixing Sarah's hair because she didn't like how it was done by the local hair stylist and then being asked to do Melanie's as well, The Buffet, evening congregations in the Gazebo, Being locked out of my room and having to walk to the front desk in my pajamas, seeing a GINORMOUS puffer fish while snorkeling off the catamaran, white sand, Banana Mamas, Being inspired to buy a guitar and learn to play, 'Ooooh Noooooo', Kat's boyfriend ;) , Badum bum bum, Beach chair domination and a British bloke falling down the stairs..TWICE, Name that tune contest that I didn't win, white wine..POP!, hammocks, 'Heaven', 'Crash', Bryan Adams, LOOOOONG line ups through customs, 'HOT', Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, Lionell Richie, Gazing at the stars, Vultures, Anchorman.....

Thank you for the memories everyone and breathing life back into me.