Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My apologies for the delay in writing, who would have thought it would take so much time to put it all together! Dad is still whooping it up in Santiago. As of Tuesday my Mom and sister have now joined him. I can only imagine the chaos they are getting into....ahh, the memories. I'm sure they'll have some more fantastic stories and experiences.

I'm going to start with a curling update. We played in the Manitoba Lotteries this past weekend held at the Fort Rouge curling club. I enjoyed myself and was very happy to run into some friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Cory (Bartel)Morris from Team Cheryl Bernard/Canadian Olympic Silver Medalists 2010 was a sight for sore eyes. I had the pleasure of a quick chat with her about all the new and exciting things going on in her life. I have missed her and glad to have reconnected. I hope to see her this weekend in Saskatoon at the Colonial Square, but am not sure if they are participating nor do I know who else is. The website has not been updated with teams or the draw.
Although we only played three games there was more to the games than the score. It was our second bonspiel playing together and regardless of the outcome every game we progressed on all levels. The team chemistry, team dynamics and unity not to mention shot making. It was a good experience and something that I really enjoyed was how the team never gave up.
This weekend we are missing our skip Joelle. Tracey will be skipping and Ainsley our fifthman will be filling in at third. Jen and I will hold down the fort in the front end. I'm looking forward to it. Though Jo won't be there as our Captain she will be there with us in spirit and pushing us on along the way. We'll be maintaining contact with her throughout the weekend with updates via text/email.
Our first game this weekend will be at 10am. Wish us luck!

On to Daddio. Email - October 24, 2010
"Went to the peregrino´s office half an hour ago to pick-up a poster. Stood outside to observe for a moment. A cyclist came out with his Compestela and his passport and stood displaying them while a young lady took his picture. As she finished a group of Chinese came out after a tour of the place. They all gathered around to see what the documents looked like. They started taking pictures of him from every angle, he was grinning from ear to ear it was wonderful to see this attention he was getting.what a wonderful moment to observe, (just loved it) take care Dad, "

Email - October 25, 2010
"Hey Lesle, by the way I never went to get my Compostela until the day after I arrived. The line-up was out into the street, and you know what I am like for line-ups. Anyway I eventually got my Compostela, and bought a tube to protect it. I went to a table to get things together, when I was finished and turned to leave a line had formed. I was making my way past the line(all young people of course) a young man put his hand on my shoulder and said Bravo senor. 'I thank you my friend.' I said.(only a very small thing that meant so much, it was all I could do to stay in control.) Coming through San Sebastian I wanted to see if I could get in to the Cathedral. Most of them seemed to be locked these days. I go to the door it was open, someone forgot to lock-up. I am in as quick as a stray dog looking for shelter. It is a massive building but not as elaborate as I would have thought. I did my usual thing found the holy water blessed myself and went down to the front to light candles for my friends and my family who I had been praying for every step of the Camino. I knelt down in a pew deep in thought. I was thinking I should try to find a priest to stamp my passport. It was then that I saw this lady in the shadows. She was organizing a mop and a broom. I thought oh god no 'The CLEANING LADY !' I was doomed I had heard her shouting in the background for a while. It took me back to work when Terry used to come into the lab to give it the once over. I walked over and asked if I could see the priest. Before I had finished and looking me straight in the eye and pointing her mop at the door she said 'OUT!' (by the way terry was an absolute angel in comparison).. Going outside the sun was bright and welcoming, I looked up at the bell tower I thought were my eyes deceiving me? Did I really see a cleaning lady flying by. screeching 'I´ll get you my pretty !'
It's amazing what go´s through one´s head when one is exposed to far to much sun. Take Care my love all my love Dad"

Well that is all I have from Dad at the moment. I would suspect that my Mom and sister are occupying most of his time. I am also quite certain that he is loving every minute showing them his love of Santiago and partying it up like a rock star...well to the best of his ability ha ha.

Here's a little something that a friend sent to me, I hope you enjoy. Talk with you soon!!
Never save something for a special occasion.
Every day in your life is a special occasion'.
Spend more time with family, and less at work.
Understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through.

Each day, each hour, each minute, is special.
Live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no-one..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tuesday October 19th, 2010:

Another very interesting story from my Dad.

"I must tell you my story of when I went to the pilgrims mass. The whole Cathedral is being renovated so there is scaffolding everywhere. I found I just had to sit down. So I moved a bit of barrier tape from around some of the scaffolding to make some room for myself and sat down. A gentleman and his wife sat next to me, and as the mass proceeded another man sat on my other side. He looked at me and smiled. Of course I smiled back. When it came to everyone wishing each other peace he shook my hand vigorously, and said 'I have found you ',and hugged me again.
I was not uncomfortable at all. I went to communion and after mass this man
took my had again and kept shaking it, and I noticed he was a priest. He was a dutch priest. He said he had been given this assignment to go SANTIAGO and then onto BENIDORM in Spain. He asked his supervisor why, and his boss had told him he would find the reason in Santiago. He explained when he sat by my side he knew that god had sent him their to meet with me. I was stunned, my mouth was open in amazement because he was shaking and weeping with joy at having found me among the many thousands of people in Santiago with him. He thanked me profusely for completing his mission for him. At that moment he took the scallop shell from around his neck and put it around mine. He was overjoyed and displayed a much lighter step as he bid me goodbye. I was still wiping the tears away after he had gone.
As I keep mentioning to you love, I still feel that I am not here for me alone. There has got to be another reason, remember sweetheart enjoy your skillful endeavors and stay focused. I am really tired now. I love and miss you so much. I will be home shortly all my lov
e take care Dad."

The most recent email from my Dad was on OCTOBER 20, 2010.

"Hey Lesle, I have been reading your blog. Don't you be bragging about your dad! I am so happy that you are so proud. You know that I am really flattered and I love you for it. I went for dinner with my friends after arriving in the city(Santiago in distance on the right). I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back everyone was grinning at me. I looked down and my fly was open. They were still grinning when a lady tapped me on my shoulder and asked in English where I was from in Canada. Quick on my feet I stood-up and asked how she knew I was from Canada? She had seen my provincial flag on my jacket so I asked where she was from. She said Winnipeg, and I replied, 'Pinawa.' It was strange she was shaking with excitement. She immediately through her arms around me saying you are my soul-mate! She was with a Scotsman and they were going to serve a two week spell at an Albergue along the northern route. We talked and talked. I met them for breakfast the following morning and talked and talked some more. She also knew about the pilgrims meeting in Winnipeg so we planned to meet again their. I must go for now my love my back is breaking. forgive me. The communications seem to be working I am so happy about that, all my love sweetheart, take care Dad. "

Now that Dad has arrived at his destination ahead of time, he is going to sit back and enjoy the experience with his new friends. With my Mom and sister Janet in flight to England as I type, he will be able to show them around his beloved Santiago and share his new stories with them.
I wish very much that I could be their with them, but I have other commitments at the moment keeping me home. For now I am living vicariously through my Dad, but mark my words as I blog about him, that one day soon he will be blogging about me and my experience during my 500 mile walk from France to Spain to complete my very own Camino De Santiago.

Good night for now, updates will continue. Safe travels everyone. :) XXOO

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have some new updates from my daddio. I received an email from him on October 15. He's been having a wonderful trekking and had a wonderful rest in the Alberge in VILALBA. He's turned well inland now from the North route. The nest stop was BAAMONDE(picture on the right) and from there to SOBRANDO. He's got it aced. The weather has been very good no rain at all. ARZUA is well in reach after Sobrando. He's been walking with a lady from Brazil and being the avid footballer that he is reminded me that they have great football team from there. ha ha. Funny guy.

My mom received a phone call from him and informed me that he and his new friend have been doing approximately 22km a day. That being said he's quite ahead of schedule and 45km to go.

My mom and sister leave for England on Wednesday were they will be for 3 weeks. They had planned to meet up with him at the end of the trek however they may end up meeting up with him earlier at this rate.

He has confessed to being 'shattered' and when feeling this way he would hop on a bus to his next destination. Completely understandable, in my opinion. As far as I'm concerned he's moved many mountains already and set a standard that I too hope to complete in my life time.
Following in his footsteps, both the southern route and Northern route. Soon enough tracing every step he has taken.
My inspiration.

Team Brown curled in there first bonspiel at the Charleswood Curling Club at the end of September. We ended the round robin with a 2-3 record. We played Kim Link in our final round robin game. They were the team to beat for us as with a win we would go into a tie breaker to qualify. We took them to an extra end where both skips made fantastic shots with there last rocks. Joelle came through a curling rock sized port to sit back of the button with some hoovering from the sweepers to hold the line. Great shot! Kim had to move the shot stone back in order to win the game. She too made it through the port for the win. Good note to end on regardless of the outcome.
Next on our competitive schedule is the Manitoba Lotteries. Our first game is Friday at 3pm against Heather Nedohin from Albert. We're looking forward to it. Wish us luck!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Ok, to start I have to give you a little more detail about my previous post regarding the Policea and my dad getting picked up by them.

I received an email from him with more details on what happened. I will copy it word for word for your reading pleasure. :)

"Hey Lesle, hope this gets through to you with no problems. I am having a great time (almost feel guilty). I am in a place called CASTRO URDIALES everywhere you turn is a picture.Wore myself out looking around town. Will be taking a bus to a placed called LOREDO tomorrow 30km is just to much in one day. Leave that to the young ones. Could not find any information in BILBAO when I was there. So I asked a young man where the STATION DE POLICEA was and he showed me. Went inside I explained that I was having trouble getting any information anywhere to get to my next destination they were all talking pigeon English. I asked them if they could stamp my peragrino passport. When I explained that this was the most reliable place to go to get me on my journey (IT WORKED) they brought me a drink of water and asked me to sit down and rest. they did not know they could stamp my passport it was really interesting. I was starting to get embarrassed. They soon realized that my next destination was impossible for them to give me directions for. The came up with another idea. Directed me to the bus stop, but they found that would not work. Another drink of water as they huddled together. They had decided to take me in the police car. I had created such an interest for them in the Camino that they made me tell them more about it. Well as you know sugar, I am the wrong person to ask that question. I had lots of time. I have never seen so many open mouths in my life. I new the next question was coming and it did. 'HOW OLD ARE YOU MR. CAFFERTY?' So I told them, quite embarrassing really. In all, what an obliging bunch of guys they were. Got into the car and they took me to the bus stop. They waited until the bus arrived and talked closely to the driver. After many fond farewells I was on my way. The driver said for me to sit and rest. He would get me to my stop and put me on the trail. He didn't have to. Everyone on the bus had heard what the police had said, of course I could only guess, and when the stop came up everyone on the bus yelled out to me that this was it. They were having a great time waving and calling 'ADIOS PERAGRINO!' Must got to bed sweetheart I am exhausted, all my love miss you lots take care Dad."

Isn't he a great story teller? I love it. I feel like a little girl again sitting on the edge of my seat eager to find out how it ends.
Another short email I received from Dad on October 5.

"Hey Lesle, arrived at a small place called SOMO there was no info office and no policea office to get my passport stamped. I looked around and saw something that looked like it had a security door so I knocked on the door someone pressed a button and the door opened. I asked them could they stamp my passport. They had never seen one before and became all excited when they saw it, I explained if they had a stamp with the company name and the town name that would be perfect. Guess what, they called the manager and relayed the story to him. He brought his stamp and he tried it, (wallah it worked) after lots of handshakes and buen comino peregrino waves I was on my way, must go sweetheart bedtime, all my love. take care Dad."

I emailed my Dad back and explained that he had been telling my friends/colleges about it back home and that now he had a following. I teased him and told him he was becoming a LEGEND!

This was his email to follow.
"Hey Lesle, talking about legends went to the information office in SAN SEBASTIAN and I found this young man kept looking at me after I got served. I was about 100 yards away when he tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'You Peregrino?' I said yes, and he told me about him doing the CAMINO FRANCIES. I said I had done it 3 times. That's when he said 'You have created your own legend.' must go love take care Dad"

Dad has made quite a bit of progress since this last email. My Mom and I hadn't heard from him for quite a number of days until this passed Saturday. He called her and had informed her that he had been sick for the last four days and couldn't call, because he had lost his voice completely. I guess there is a cold/flu going around in Spain like there is here in Canada. It hasn't put a damper on his trip of course. The weather is still very warm and in the 30's. When he called my Mom yesterday he was in Luarca(Above) and today hoping to make it to Navia (Below) a 16km trek. He is staying much closer to the coast line according to the map I have.

That is the latest up date at the moment, and on that note I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my past and my present, the people who I've had the pleasure of meeting and those who have touched my life, I'm thankful for good health, wonderful friends, and the inspiration, strength, and love of my Mom and Dad. XXOO

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Dad is currently past Bilbao and on to his next stop. He has been enjoying the walk thus far even in 30 degree weather. He has been sweating his nickers off and is already making friends, and that is no surprise is it. The message I received from my Mom after receiving a phone call from him on Saturday was that during his 16 km trek a police car pulled up and stopped him. I can imagine what I would have been thinking, but I couldn't imagine what my dad was thinking when he saw them. I'm sure in his own words the story I'm about to relay will be much more interesting and more detailed. He said the police pulled over to invite him over for some water, they thought he looked thirsty. Again he's walking in 30 degree weather. They then offered to drive him to the nearest bus stop in order for him to continue on as they felt it was much to hot for this Pilgrim to be walking. So the police escorted him to the bus and when he got onto the bus everyone hipped and hoorayed. I have yet to get more details of how things were on the bus and will update when I do.
Dad is doing well, but is a little sore. When he reached his destination (unfortunately I do not know which town he stopped in) he went to an Albergue to stay for the night, but it was closed. It apparently had been closed for some time. There was no where else to stay in that town and the good people opened it just for him.
My dad has done this walk 3 times previous, and I continue to be astounded by the generosity and welcoming of complete strangers. They recognize him as a Pilgram walking this Camino and welcome him and others without hesitation. It is comforting to know that there is good in this world and that strangers in another country are taking care of someone incredibly important to me and my family. God bless and thank you.

This past weekend I spared in the One Insurance Curling Classic held in Selkirk Manitoba. I played second for Tina Kozak from Brandon. Kortney Teale played third and Krystal Tille-Stewart at Lead.
I went into this weekend looking at it as practice and that is what I did. The one thing I wasn't expecting was to have as much fun as I did AND curl well. These girls brought a new perspective to the game of curling for me. I admit to be overly serious at times and expect near perfection from myself. It is a fault that I am indeed working on overcoming.
We did pretty well if you ask me. Sure we were two games away from the money, but boy did we have fun out there. What a treat and a delight these girls are. After having never met them before after a couple of minutes of interaction I felt as thought I'd known them for years. I can say that they are and will be very good friends of mine for years to come.
I had seen a picture of Tina 'Nips' Kozak so I had an idea of who I was looking for when I arrived at the club. Little did I know that they had no idea what I looked like. Through the wonders of technology and the never failing internet, they downloaded my picture and profile off of the World curling tour team site. I had to laugh because they seemed to know more about me than I did.
These girls have a wonderful connection and chemistry. They have a refreshing outlook and perspective out on the ice. They are competitive yet know how to keep things light and share a laugh. What a fantastic experience I had playing with them. They are absolute gems and beautiful people all around. What a great way to start out the season. I felt right at home playing along side of them. I really lucked out!
Not only did I get some games in and practice, but I made some great friends and learned a great deal about gas, pooping ones pants, and the magnetic urge to pee on Tina's floor if you were to ever visit. Yes I speak in riddle. If you're lucky enough, such as myself, to know these girls, have them welcome you into there circle or have the pleasure to play a game of curling with them, only then will you appreciate my experience.
To my 'dirty girls', continue to rock out with your '*ock's' out, I will always have your backs cause I'm easy that way. SUPERSTARS!!! XXOO

Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 The Camino De Santiago

Well here we are September 30, 2010, and as I type this my dad is 'Yames' is sitting on his patio in San Sebastian Spain enjoying the view and 30 degree weather.
Dad flew out to Paris on Monday afternoon. This will be his 4th Camino at the youthful age of 76.
The day before he left, I was uploading some music for him to his Ipod Nano in hopes to help inspire and motivate him while on his walk. He's got his own selection such as Frank Sinatra, Simon and Garfunkel, and even some Lily Allen. I've added to his collection some acoustics of The Corrs, The Pogues, and even some Proclaimers. He is walking 500 miles after all. :) He had me examine his backpack once he'd had everything packed, and I was shocked at the weight of it. 22 lbs. By the time I helped removed some of the weight for him it was down to 20 lbs. That was still heavy. I had some concerns about him having to carry that amount of weight. Even though he is now the Bionic man and sporting two new hips, it was a lot to ask one person to carry.
I'm glad to report that he has lightened his load after a brief walk today and plans on making a 16 km dent tomorrow from Sans Sebastien on route to Bilbao.
Updates will continue and I will add stories and experiences that he shares with me along the way. God speed and safe journey hero and inspiration. I love you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Well hello, it has been quite some time since I have written anything on my blog.
So here we are in 2010..crazy but true. The world hasn't been sucked into a vortex or blown to pieces so I would consider that to be a good thing.
Here is a brief update to date on what has been going on in my life for the past year.
Firstly, curling. I played competitively with a new team this past season. We had some success that took us to the Manitoba Provincials in Morden Manitoba. Great group of girls and although we didn't fare so well during the round robin, it was indeed a wonderful experience and an honour to be a part of. One of the girls who I'd played with from the year before was our fifth-man and joined us. Ainsley Champagne..what a wonderful girl and a joy to play with. She's become one of my very best friends and I'm so pleased to have her in my life.
During the summer of last year I did some golfing with my folks and also some tube floating down the channel. Another curling friend who recently moved to Pinawa joined us on these floats and the yearly events of the town and has also become one of my very best of friends. Leslie Wilson who was also at the same provincial as me went on to win it and represent Manitoba at the Scott Tournament of Hearts. I was so excited for her. Team Manitoba got to the quarter finals of the Scotties and she received top honors as the All star 2nd of the tournament. Very impressive for her first time at the big show.
Leslie and I have been nicknamed in town as 'The Lesle/ie's'. When there is an event or a get together you can hear people talking as we approach, 'Oh, come the Lesle/ie's'. We're not trouble by any means, but rather we like to have a good time. We have a great time together and I look forward to spending more time together with her this summer.
I didn't do any traveling this past year, but hope to do some in the fall before curling starts. As you know curling occupies my time and any vacation time I have from work.
I've taken up co-ed soccer this year. I'm really excited about it, so far so good. I didn't realize how much I missed it to be honest. Although my brain wanted to start back up where I left off two years ago, my body has been in for the shock of its life. lol. It has been tough but I am getting back up to par in regards to conditioning and agility. Again, slowly but surely. So I travel into the city once a week to attend these games. Yes it's a hick and those 10pm games really suck because I don't get back until 1am, but I live the game and love to is a sacrifice, but it makes me happy.
I currently live in an apartment with my furry friend Ribit...she's my cat and I love her to death. As of November of '09 I now have to furry friends rooming with me. Mouse was a stray cat that had been hanging around the apartment building since I moved here. Cute little thing and it broke my heart to see her outside in another cold Winnipeg winter. I had been befriending her since I moved in and she would frequently come by my window for a visit. Ribit was hostile which I guess was expected, but all Mouse wanted was to befriend her also. I brought her into my apartment one day in November when it was very cold outside. I gave her some food and as per usual had to keep a very close eye on her and Ribit, as Ribit would attack her if she got the opportunity. I was surprised when Ribit seemed content and relaxed with her being there. This particular day Mouse did not want to go back outside. I made up a little bed for her on the window sill as Ribit had established that to be her limit of roaming area..and went to bed. I thought there might be some noise etc and a fight, but nothing. When I checked on them in the morning mouse was still on the window sill and Ribit asleep on the couch.
Long and short of it is now Mouse and Ribit co-exist together with me in my apartment. They get a long sometimes, but they have come to blows a couple of times. Regardless I am fascinated at these little animals. I consider myself to be a dog person, and would never have given it a thought to take in a cat as a pet. I thought they smelled and I couldn't stand the cat litter idea and mess that goes along with it. Boy was I wrong! They are independant and in fact are very clean. Ribit does get some separation anxiety from time to time and will 'demonstrate' this on occasion, but as long as she's got food and gets a cuddle she is fine. Mouse is an absolute delight. She's sooo happy and it is so obvious. She has no desire to be outside.
People I work with are always laughing at me because I always have a story to tell about the girls. They have there own meows and ways of communicating with me, and yes..I can talk to them as well. lol. I'm not crazy and any people who own animals can side with me and understand what I'm talking about.

Mouse hanging out on the window sill and Ribit lounging in the lazy girls. :)

I probably won't be updating every day, but I will do my best to drop a note here and there with news. Thanks for the visit!