Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leon today and a 12km and maybe an added 14km on to that?!?

Ola everyone,
Well this is my second attempt at a post. My first one was deleted somehow.
Dad and I are going to be getting into the nitty gritty tomorrow.  We did manage about 10km today to catch the bus to Leon in order to make sure that we have enough time to get to our destination Santiago. 
We collected our passports today so that when we stop in at the next town we´ll be them stamped at the cathedral.  It gets quite colorful and I will gladly show you what it looks like when I get back.
It was pretty neat today to see the country side even though it was on the bus.  The cool part of it was seeing all the Pelegrino´s out on the trail.  You could see them in the distance as the path these trekers are on sometimes runs close to the highways.  It was a hot day today at 28 degrees so they must have been just buggared by the time they reached there days destination.
Dad and I are a little fatigued due to lack of sleep.  We had an entire room full of 24 bunk beds to ourselves last night,but that didn´t drown out the noise of the street next to our window.  Tonight we´re in another room with about the same amount of bunk beds however they are all full.  I´m predicting it to be a night where ear plugs will come in handy. 
Leon is HUGE and beautiful!  What a gorgeous place to be.  The cobble stone roads and designs are immaculate.  It really is something to see!  The architecture is outstanding, so much to look at.

Wish I could load up some pictures but I haven´t had much luck.  I will keep trying. 

I hope to be as lucky as I have in the last two places I´ve stayed in now as they´ve had internet access.  I hope to give you all some more updates as I can.  For now know that this is wonderful, the weather is fantastic, the leaves are still green and for hiking 20 to 26 km a day the temperature is ideal.
We´ll see what tomorrow brings!
Dad and I have enjoyed a beer or two and I can honestly say I was drunk. Yep.  Pathetic and it wasn´t even a was more like a really generous shot.  All is good though..water is key.

For now I bit you good night! Adios amigos!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ola! From Bilbao Spain!!

Hi everyone,
This is the first chance I´ve had to update the blog since we left from MB.  The flight to Manchester was very long and very exhausting. I forgot how resilient you are when you´re a kid.  Dad and I did a lot sleeping when we got to Widnes. Mom struggled but is a trooper nonetheless.
Saturday and Sunday we did a bit of shopping and I managed to get in a run.  That was a tough, but glad I got ut there.  Ate the standard fish and chips and NO to Sloppy peas.  GROSS! But I did force myself to try some other kind of peas that were literally neon green. NO JOKE! 
So the journey begins.  Dad and I walked about 45 minutes from the bus station to the hostel we´re at right now. You know I thought Montreal was the city that never slept, but you should see all the joggers out at 10pm at night here in Bilbao.  Mind you I can´t blame them it´s absolutely beautiful country side even in the dark.  They have a bridge that cars, cable cars, bicycles and pathways to accomodate everyone.  No one runs into anyone or has to ring a bell to get people out of the´s absolutely amazing!  The one thing I´m struggling with is having to muscle my way in lines.  If there´s the smallest of gaps between you and the person ahead, people will step in there without worry.  I think it´s a Canadian thing that we stand about 5 feet back from someone getting a ticket of some sort out of common courtesy.  Well hell no you don´t do that here or in ´jolly´old England.  Oh and for the record..they ain´t as jolly as they are assumed.  I will sensor my opinion at this point as my 2nd cousin who lives there and has been spending a lot of time with us driving us around and such will be reading this.  She´s great though! Love ya SUE!!
I think that is about it at the moment.  I´ve got more details to write about and keeping a journal.  I hope everyone is well and until the next opportunity comes along to update again with pictures, dad and I should be well on our way on the Camino.
Cheers for now folks!!  Miss you all lots!!