Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mark your calendars folks!! September 2011 it's happening!

Hi everyone,
Well I am happy and excited to announce that it's happening. My Dad and I will be doing part of the walk across Spain together (The Camino De Santiago)! We'll be leaving at the end of September to England and then we'll be headed to Spain. We haven't really established how far we'll be walking as of yet, but regardless we'll be doing it together. It's going to be amazing!
I'm in need of something new and exciting as well as some inspiration(my dad), I have no doubt I'll find it on my 4 weeks away.

I'm putting my curling season slightly on hold in order to do this trek. As you maybe aware I save all my holidays for the curling season. It demands a lot of time to curl at this kind of competitive level.
I am happy to say that I will be curling when I get back. I've been picked up as a fifthman for a team in need of help for a few spiels. What a delight! These are great girls and I'm so happy to be helping them out and being able to still get my toes on the ice for the competitive season. Thank you to them!!

I will update more once I know our schedule as well I do plan to keep the blog up to date while Dad and I are on our walk with pictures and better yet video hopefully. I plan to leave a mark on Spain :D Memories to save for a lifetime and to inspire anyone else who needs it.

Life is too short. Family and friends mean the world to me. There's no better time than the present to make new memories and laugh until your sides hurt.

Do something nice for someone.
Take some time for yourself and be selfish.
Remember to laugh as much as possible, to love unconditionally and live like you were dying.

Lesle :)